2022 First Quarter Book Releases

Listed below are the Dragon Soul Press anthologies that released during the first quarter of 2022.
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Don’t stand between a woman and her dragon.

Dragons infiltrate society in these tales. From belittled office workers harboring scaly secrets, monster hunts, fiery queens of millennia past, and dragons hoarding more than gold. These eleven stories will sweep you off your feet with nostalgic adventures of a lifetime.

Yasmine Learns to Fly by J.C. Murray

Questing for Creatures by Elyse Kallen

Miss Haversmith Appreciates by Kirsty Mackay

The Dragon’s Eye by Chad A.B. Wilson

Dragon Marked by Charity Ayres

Reach Your Heart by Jo Niederhoff

One Whisker by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Heaven by Rose McClary

Amaya and Umber by L. Jade

Fireborn by Clint Foster

Dragon Blood by J.E. Feldman


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A new look at dark fairytales.

Akin to the Brothers Grimm, none of these storybook characters are innocent. Cinder Ellah forgets who earned her the crown and pays a hefty price. Kaede’s new love interest weighs heavily on his soul. Olivia won’t give up her firstborn without a fight. The old woman living in a shoe bites off more than she can chew. Lere planned revenge, but contracted love sickness instead. These five stories will have you on the edge of your seat craving a sequel.

Cinder Ellah by Deborah Brown

Hard to Come Back by Jo Niederhoff

The Vigilante Queen by Victor Nandi

Loved Once by Jarrett Mazza

To Conquer a Fae Lord by Thea Watson


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Time travel romance…

Romance can be difficult, even before adding the complications of time travel to the equation. These unlikely couples find themselves from separate timelines in history, but cross paths due to unforeseen circumstances. Will their love survive against all odds?

Thicker Than Water by Lincoln Reed

Shifting Sands by Rosetta Yorke

The Chasquis by Jen Ross

Phantasms of the Past by Helen Mihajlovic

Waiting for You by Jo Niederhoff

Broken by J.E. Feldman

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