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Common Questions

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Q: Are you a vanity press?
A: No. You’ll find posted on our website that we are a traditional publisher. Traditional publishers cover the full costs of publication once a manuscript is accepted. The authors are paid royalties.

Q: Where can I find information to submit my manuscript?

Q: Where are the open anthology calls?

Q: What genres do you accept?
A: All genres and subgenres.

Q: How do I format my submission? Wouldn’t everything just be an unreadable block of text?
A: Watch and follow this video or look at this image example.

Q: Is there a limit on how many submissions can be sent?
A: A maximum of two per anthology. There is no limit on the number of anthologies authors can submit to. Poetry anthologies are the only exception. Be like many of our patrons and try collecting them all!

Q: I use a pen name. Why do I need to provide my real information?
All companies need legally correct information in order to write contracts. None of the information is disclosed.

Q: Do you want a partial sample of a manuscript or the entirety?
A: If the manuscript is already completed, expedite the process by sending in the entirety. If not, send in the first five chapters. Either method is up to the author’s preference.

Q: After submitting a manuscript, what is the average response time?
A: Currently, it is up to twelve weeks. All authors receive a generic message to confirm the submission was received within one week.

Q: After submitting to an anthology, what is the average response time?
A: All authors are notified within thirty (30) days after the submission deadline ends. (Example: Call ends July 30th. Authors will receive a response by August 30th.) All authors receive a generic message to confirm the submission was received within one week.

Q: Do you accept reprints?
A: Yes, if the author holds the full rights to the work.

Q: Where are books available to purchase? Is it only Amazon?
A: The list of where books are available is extremely lengthy. The major ones include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Google Play, Audible.

Q: If the author already has a book cover to use for the manuscript, will DSP publish it?
A: If the author already has a cover in hand, they are welcome to pitch it along with the manuscript. DSP has a certain level of quality expected and will have the final say on all graphics.

Q: Once a book is published with DSP, can the author enter it into contests and have the publisher update the cover with any new badges acquired upon winning?
A: Yes, this can easily be done.

Q: When do I receive royalties?
Royalties are paid quarterly and within the 30 days after the quarter ends via PayPal. There are four quarters in a year and the months are grouped together as follows: January 1st – March 31st, April 1st – June 30th, July 1st – September 30th, October 1st – December 31st.

Q: What does it mean when I don’t receive royalties?
A: If you do not receive royalties within 30 days after the quarter ends, that means there were no royalties to pay out.

Q: My book didn’t make millions! I want my books back!
A: Firstly, contracts are signed to protect both the author and the publisher from haphazard decisions. To be in this business, it must be understood that not everyone who steps up to the plate will make millions or even hundreds of thousands off of their books. The amount of money made depends on the writing, the author’s tenacity, and the correct timing. There are other underlying factors as well. Traditional publishers spend a certain amount on marketing and if the book does not sell well, they do not invest further into it and contracts are revisited.

Q: Why were some DSP anthologies discontinued?
The ownership of Dragon Soul Press changed in February 2020 to an individual working with Penguin Random House. Previous contracts only allowed for DSP to have the submissions published for a single year and the anthologies were unpublished. This has changed as of February 2020 and all future anthologies will stay in print, UNLESS part of a series that has had a volume edition unpublished.