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Book summary and list of authors coming soon.

Book summary and list of authors coming soon.

Treasure is within reach.

Nineteen original tales of swashbuckling glory are at your fingertips in this anthology. From pirates lured into traps, treasure hunting gone wrong, and epic battles on the open sea. From vengeful ghosts to gruesome mutinies. Living on the edge comes with high costs.

The End of All Tides by Paulene Turner

There Be Pirates by James Romag

Rum in the Ocean by Maeve A. Baird

The Brahmapur Buccaneer by Matthew Fryer

Tormenta by Isa Ottoni

A Pirate’s Life for Me by Bianca Breen

The Raven and the Sea Wolf by Charles Kyffhausen

The Pirate’s Path by Allison Tebo

All That Glitters by Douglas Allen Gohl

The Floating Brothel by Edgar Mahaffey

Eyes of Silver by Jennifer Strassel

Dawn at Taylor’s Creek by Stephen A. Roddewig

The Elf, the Orb, and the Shadow Dancer by Robert Allen Lupton

Treasure Moon by Robert Allen Lupton

The Warlock’s Daughter by K. Anders

Black Sails and Blue Scales by Barend Nieuwstraten III

The Black Vulture by Barend Nieuwstraten III

The Wrong Captain by Melody Bowles

The Quest for Captain Sammy’s Treasure by C.L. Hart

Poetry; a unique and beautiful way to express feelings and ideas. Weaving words into perfect poetic prose, these authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here!

John GreyKellee KranendonkJ.E. FeldmanDebbie HadowNina PadolfDibyasree NandyBrianna Witte ★ Nnadi Samuel ★ Rhiannon BirdSunayna PalChristopher R. Muscato ★ Vanessa Bane ★ Edward Cody Huddleston ★ Prathyush DevadasEd AhernCara Hartley

From pirates battling sea spirits to ongoing futuristic wars. Sacrifices will be made and lives will be lost. As these characters weave through their own adventures, their honor may be questioned. But what would you give to live to see another day? This anthology focuses on East Asian warriors.

Umibozi! by A.N. Myers

Transmission by Belinda Crawford

The Mountain King by Barend Nieuwstraten III

The Tyrants of Jiang Manor by Edgar Mahaffey

Escape the Pyre by Bethany van Sterling

The Katana Matrix by Lillian Csernica

Enter the Veil.

The infamous Fae are most known for their sly ways. While tricking humans may be their specialty, they don’t always show kindness toward their own kin either. The grander the scheme, the larger their boasting rights. From Sidhe, gnomes, brownies, and more, you’ll always need to be on guard and vigilant.

Ċildweald by Christopher Pate

Courage and Kindness by Kevin A. Davis

Crossing Over by Ben Howels

Florescence by Toni Mobley

The Raven’s Crown by Ally Kelly

The Godmother by Michael A. Epanchin

Greyrazor by Barend Nieuwstraten III

The Pre-K Bitches Turn Sixteen by Robert Allen Lupton

Psithurism by Jasiah Witkofsky

The Riddle by J. Woolston Carr

A Liar’s Worst Fear by Aaron Van Treeck

Brownie by Gray Stanback

Gnomeland by Charles Wiegand

Come take a dive.

From sirens, mermaids, selkies, and more, these tales of the deep will tug at your heartstrings. Love can warm the iciest waters, but revenge is best served cold. Watery graves await for those who push boundaries or stray too far.

To Love (and Not Eat) a Pirate by J.M. Rhineheart

The Siren’s Call by Emma K. Leadley

Your Voice by K. Parr

Sea Foam and Fire by Andria Kennedy

Sea of Regrets by Fred Phillips

In the Raftshade by Barend Nieuwstraten III

The Patient Shore by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Wings of a Siren by Claire Devon

Current Affairs by Nicholas Nethery

Wild Swimming by A.D. Watts

The Abyssal Plane by Toni Mobley

Beneath the Prismed Light by D.L. Lewellyn

When Death Sings by Rienne French

The Dread Fisherman by Seth Taylor

Naga by Derek Kho

As If I Was Human by Anwen Redlake

Harvest in Paradise by D.R. Birdsall

Love knows no bounds…

In this science fiction anthology, love has no limits across space and time. From Artificial Intelligence, aliens, and intergalactic royalty. From headstrong characters fighting the status quo to those struggling to keep afloat in a tumultuous world. One way or another, their love will survive.

Return of the Star Queen by Frank Sawielijew

Afterimage by Kevin A. Davis

Donor’s Duty by Wris Kaye

Inside by David W. Landrum

Pink Lights by E.B. Hunter

Lokitoo by Lyle Hopwood

Les Humans L’Orange by Amanda Barrett

Happily Ever After by Katie Kent

What He Brought Home by T.C. Mill

Blue Monday by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Monsters deserve love too…

From werewolves, vampires, and even Bigfoot, these beasts manage to find love. Whether they are able to sink their claws into that love and keep it is another story. When it comes down to it, don’t judge a book by its cover. This anthology brings a mixture of what ifs and happily ever afters.

Her Lure and Jesses by T.C. Mill

The Boreal Beast by A.K. Moss

To Tempt Fire by Toni Mobley

To Harvest and to Hold by Toni Mobley

Under a Broken Moon by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Stone Hearts by Ashley L. Hunt

That Time of Month by Charles Kyffhausen

The Beast of Hanks Wood by Lil DeVille

My Love Affair with Bigfoot by Kelly Piner

The Red Viscount by Jess Monica

Heat in the Blood by Karen Bayly

Caution: Dragons ahead.

Prepare to delve into fiery worlds full of dragons. From hatchlings to ancients. From tame to wild. Many have their own goals, and most want to see the world reduced to ash. To reshape the world in their own reptilian image. Others struggle to survive, but heroes rise among them. Which side will you choose?

Dragon Heart by Deborah Brown

Hearts of Ice by Zachary Vincent

Pale Rider by Eric Tobiason

A Peculiar Encounter by Bruno Lombardi

First Dragon by Joel Realubit

I Know Where to Find Dragons by Katie Kent

Fire and Lightning by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Kjell of Vittra: Rising Smoke by E.B. Hunter

Taking Home the Flame by Dylan Roche

The Dragon Harvester’s Daughter by Lucy A. McLaren

Dominant Species by Aaron H. Arm

The Cartographer’s Daughter by Jennifer Strassel

Blood Brothers by Natascha Eschweiler

A Choice of Her Own by A.E. Lowan

Uncaged by Ash Vogler

Choices by Kim Adkins

Her Fiery Highness by Monica Wenzel

Revenge by J.E. Feldman

A sprinkle of Christmas magic.

It’s that magical time of the year when everything peppermint and pumpkin spice makes an appearance. People feel more generous, but there always seems to be a Scrooge lurking in their midst. This collection features a mixture of stories ranging from heartwarming to horror. All of them have a dose of magic, whether figuratively or literally.

Closed for Christmas by Heather Ormsby

The Naughty List by Jodie Francis

Light a Pink Candle by Patricia Duffy Novak

The Ghost of Christmas Present by David W. Landrum

Marley’s Chains by Charles Kyffhausen

Gift of Eternity by Faedra Rose

Sweet Desire by Julie Day

A Cold Case by Tara Tyler

The ups and downs mean you’re alive.

Sometimes, life knocks you down and it gets harder to pick yourself back up. Whether it’s for family, friends or themselves, these realistic characters continue on. The rollercoaster of life is harsh to them, but they persevere in their own ways.

Fernweh by Toni Mobley

The Backup Plan by Laura Ruth Loomis

Second Chances by Katie Kent

Unmanageability by Douglas Allen Gohl

The Bundle of Awake by Deborah Henley

Black Sheep by J.E. Feldman

In a world where so many dark things go bump in the night, terror awaits around every corner as these authors take horror stories to the next level. Discover ghosts, demons, and your worst nightmares. Read at your own risk.

The Obayifo by Natalya Monyok

Haunting Las Vegas by Trisha Shay

Bed Thirteen by Michael Raff

The Color of Our Baby’s Room by John S. Aissis

Intuition by Katie Jordan

The Bonelands by Toni Mobley

This House on the Island by Justin Rulton

Embrace of the Spider Queen by Barend Nieuwstraten III

The Word on the Wall by J.E. Cearlock

A Little Something Extra by Gregory Scott Matics

Life Time by Gregory Scott Matics

The Move by Elizabeth Stanley

Garnets and Leather by Melody Alice

Everglades by E.B. Hunter

As You Wish… by E.B. Hunter

Feed the Worm by Warren Benedetto

Infected by Karin Becht

Reminiscing by Kelly Piner

Orb of Darkness by Charles Kyffhausen

The Hunger Shrine by John W. Salvage

A Pianist’s Hands by Ellie A. Goss

You Have a Choice by J.E. Feldman

In a world where so many dark things go bump in the night, terror awaits around every corner as these authors take horror stories to the next level. Discover ghosts, demons, and your worst nightmares. Read at your own risk.

Tell Me a Story by Michael Raff

The Butterfly Girl by Antoinette McCormick

Ashes to Ashes by Matthew Ross

Face Stealer by Charles Kyffhausen

The White by Andrew McAuley

Without Sarah by B.F. Vega

Artemia Nigercana by Douglas Allen Gohl

Peripheral by Douglas Allen Gohl

Whispers the Wind by Toni Mobley

Within the Dark by Toni Mobley

The Worst Thing in the Dark by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Graveyard Shift by E.B. Hunter

A Friend of Fear by Constantine E. Kiousis

One-Eyed Queens and Crocodile Teeth by Alexis Cunningham

Jane Doe by Katie Jordan

A Real Nightmare by Maya Moes

Sleeping Beauty by Jodie Francis

The Darkest Night by L.V. Gaudet

Just Another Job by J.E. Feldman

Gears grind in this steampunk collection.

From sky pirates, elite businessmen and inventors, these characters use steampunk technology to their advantage. From cities brimming with life to apocalyptic wastelands, survival oftentimes comes with a hefty price.

Star Writer by Harry Fritsch

Cloudnapper by Robert Allen Lupton

The Steam Guild by Katie Jordan

Sawbones by Lincoln Reed

The Border Children by Daniel Barlekamp

The Tenth Plague by Daniel Barlekamp

Usher by Davin Ireland

Glory by A.R. Turner

Under the Oasis by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Cloud of Witnesses by R.C. Capasso

Engineman’s Glory by D.L. Smith-Lee

Seven with One Shot by Douglas Allen Gohl

Shiver by Douglas Allen Gohl

Wastewanderer by Toni Mobley

Adventures of a lifetime…

Great courage is needed in the face of danger and during the heat of battle. Not all of these characters willingly chose to go down heroic paths, but stepped up when needed. All will fight for what they believe in until the end, no matter the cost. This anthology focuses on East Asian warriors.

Against the Horde by Charles Kyffhausen

The Prophecy of the Seven Dynasties by Danielle Davis

Temple of the Black Fist by Barend Nieuwstraten III

The Sorceress of Time by David W. Landrum

The Foreigner and the Maiden by Glenn Bresciani

Poetry; a unique and beautiful way to express feelings and ideas. Weaving words into perfect poetic prose, these authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here!

Jonathan PrattDouglas Allen GohlJ.E. Feldman ★ Rebecca A. Demarest ★ E.L. SummersAustin WorleyJose Joel RoblesDana TrickNeethu KrishnanAlize AtifStephen Schwei ★ Vanessa Bane ★ Matthew Ivan Bennett

The stars align perfectly sometimes.

From librarians to vampires, true love can seem difficult to organically come across. But it can also sneak up on you faster than one of Cupid’s arrows. Whether or not you choose to pursue it is ultimately your decision. Just keep in mind that everyone should take a chance on love like these characters.

Falling by Katie Jordan

The After-Hours Dating Service by David W. Landrum

Your Brain for My Lips by Katie Kent

Blood Moon by Alyce Elmore

Goblin by Simone Solon

Havoc by Mira Bell

Right Between the Eyes by Kacey Black

Prepare to dive into these sea-faring adventures.

Mermaids, selkies, krakens, oh my! These Atlantis-like civilizations thrive beneath the waves, often unknown to those floating above. From sailors dragged into watery graves to legendary tales like the Loch Ness monster and mermaids who aren’t so little anymore. These stories of love, honor, and survival will entrance you.

The Dreaming City by Jo Niederhoff

Call of the Ancients’ Craft by Barend Nieuwstraten III

The King’s Anchor by Ella Rose

The Price of Freedom by Charles Kyffhausen

Sanguine Sirens by M.R. Parsons

The Loch Legend by J.E. Feldman

Discover new worlds of cyberpunk.

These characters survive in a dystopia of advanced technologies. Living alongside Artificial Intelligence has its perks, but also many deadly downfalls. There are more than just AIs wanting to take over worlds. Riveting tales of love derailed by tragic events, karma rearing its head at innocent people, and other stories can be found within this anthology.

These characters should never have trusted the glimmer of hope that technology brings.

Leviathan, Inc. by Joseph Sidari

Dollface by James Pyles

Neuro by Lincoln Reed

Persistence of Vision by Gem Newman

Retrieval by Barend Nieuwstraten III

The World, The Window by Jo Niederhoff

While True: print (“Love Story”) by E.V. Smith

StockMarketHelper.exe by James Rossiter

Time travel romance…

Romance can be difficult, even before adding the complications of time travel to the equation. These unlikely couples find themselves from separate timelines in history, but cross paths due to unforeseen circumstances.

Will their love survive against all odds?

Thicker Than Water by Lincoln Reed

Shifting Sands by Rosetta Yorke

The Chasquis by Jen Ross

Phantasms of the Past by Helen Mihajlovic

Waiting for You by Jo Niederhoff

Broken by J.E. Feldman

A new look at dark fairytales.

Akin to the Brothers Grimm, none of these storybook characters are innocent. Cinder Ellah forgets who earned her the crown and pays a hefty price. Kaede’s new love interest weighs heavily on his soul. Olivia won’t give up her firstborn without a fight. The old woman living in a shoe bites off more than she can chew. Lere planned revenge, but contracted love sickness instead. These five stories will have you on the edge of your seat craving a sequel.

Cinder Ellah by Deborah Brown

Hard to Come Back by Jo Niederhoff

The Vigilante Queen by Victor Nandi

Loved Once by Jarrett Mazza

To Conquer a Fae Lord by Thea Watson

Don’t stand between a woman and her dragon.

Dragons infiltrate society in these tales. From belittled office workers harboring scaly secrets, monster hunts, fiery queens of millennia past, and dragons hoarding more than gold. These eleven stories will sweep you off your feet with nostalgic adventures of a lifetime.

Yasmine Learns to Fly by J.C. Murray

Questing for Creatures by Elyse Kallen

Miss Haversmith Appreciates by Kirsty Mackay

The Dragon’s Eye by Chad A.B. Wilson

Dragon Marked by Charity Ayres

Reach Your Heart by Jo Niederhoff

One Whisker by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Heaven by Rose McClary

Amaya and Umber by L. Jade

Fireborn by Clint Foster

Dragon Blood by J.E. Feldman

Real historical events, but with dragons.

These tales highlight important events in our past with the strong influence of dragons. Why did the Library of Alexandria actually burn? Did miners really give up the search for gold because of a shortage? What was Genghis Khan’s true secret to forming a successful empire?

Many more await in the eleven stories within.

Queen of Glass by Toni Mobley

The Spirit of St. George by Damascus Mincemeyer

The Betrothal Trials by Cherie Lynae Cabrera Suski

The War Dragon by A.K. Stuntz

Grumble by R.C. Capasso

The Dragon’s Den by J.R. Rustrian

Dragon’s Lace by Mackenzie Stapleton

Maid Marian and the Elusive Dragon by John Greville

The Khan of Earth and Sky by Clint Foster

Subterranean Kosmos by Jo Niederhoff

Inferno by J.E. Feldman

The fairytale retellings you’ve always needed.

Dive into the nostalgic feel of fairytales, but don’t get too comfortable. This mixture of fantastical twists and origin stories will leave you begging for more.

Presenting a Red Riding Hood who will kill anyone to break a curse, a vengeful child abandoned by his mother to be raised by demons, a Neverland past its glory days, and many more.

The Shadow Queen by Charlotte Langtree

Hans and Gretta by S.A. McKenzie

Upon Reflection by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Lila by Arwen Spicer

A Curse of Red by Danielle Davis

The Alchemical Godmother by Elle Hartford

His Blue Beard by Lauren Marrero

Cat and Mouse by Mindi Briar

The Price of a First-Born by Liv Strom

Intergalactic adventures await…

Forgotten planets watched over by stoic librarians, investigations into extinct worlds, and accidental discoveries of lifeforms gone awry send these characters reeling with information they might be better off not knowing.

Ex Libris by Lincoln Reed

The Cradle Expedition by S.Z. Sekulin

The Selection Process by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Snakes in the Tomb by Matthew M. Montelione

A Lost World by A.K. Stuntz

A game of life and death.

Trapped in the game by a glitch or by other nefarious means, these characters must play their way out or lose their lives in the process.

Replay by Lincoln Reed

Threads by Rose McClary

Do You Remember Jazzy? by Chris Lilienthal

Blood Magic by Douglas Allen Gohl

Call Me Aggie by Gray Stanback

The Silver Cross by J.E. Feldman

Criminals will be criminals.

Blood soaks the streets. These murderers must be caught before they find their next victim. Deadly skin-walkers, determined vigilantes, dastardly vampires, and many more will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Beneath the Skin by Lincoln Reed

The Watcher by Lincoln Reed

I Know Who Did It by Christina Hoag

An Oath to the Sun by Austin Worley

Orion by Stephen Oliver

Yenaldooshi by Gregory Scott Matics

The Reamer Killings by Tim O’Neal

Die Tired by Douglas Allen Gohl

The thought of exploring space brings wonder and excitement, but do not forget the horrors lurking beyond. The innocent become killers and the killers become prey to aliens in a vicious cycle.

Heroic feats, sacrifices, and karma await these space bound characters.

The Spark of Flame by Lincoln Reed

The Wizard’s Bride by Janina Franck

The King of the Moon by Peter VanGelderen

LifeSource by James Romag

It’s Always Nothing by Sjan Evardsson

Whispers in the Dark by Andrew Ronzino

Magic Loop Around the Sun by Aaron P. Hansen

The Trivium Corp Job by Stephen Herczeg

Bigger by Kris Ashton

Custodian One by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Fingal’s Cave by Nina Munteanu

Joyride by S.O. Green

Where the Stars Don’t Shine by Robert Allen Lupton

Nobody Knows Where You’ve Been by Jo Niederhoff

Female ship captains with larger than life reputations, ninjas fighting Demon Masters, and the damned themselves struggling to survive. Valiance will have you both cheering and crying for these honorable souls.

With a Paddle by S.O. Green

Why the Ship Burns by Lincoln Reed

The Dark Winter by A.M. Broadous

The Way Home by Alex Schweich

Tokoyo by David W. Landrum

The Tiger and the Ox by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Spirit is an animal shifter anthology presented by Dragon Soul Press for the LGBTQ+ community. From choosing sides in wars and fleeing animal poachers to making last stands for native homelands and being cast out from society, the stories within this anthology have it all.

The Berlin Assignment by E.A. Robins

Running Away by Sjan Evardsson

Grace from the Strong by Jo Niederhoff

Bear by Peter VanGelderen

Children of Brechor by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Imperial Devices is a steampunk anthology presented by Dragon Soul Press featuring novellas and shorter pieces. From retellings of the Pied Piper and bounty hunters hot on the trail of criminals to treasure hunters discovering ancient secrets and horrifying creatures lurking in the dark, this anthology has it all.

Arabella Blake and the Secret Vault by Majanka Verstraete

Bloody Mutiny by Zoey Xolton

Gamble with Fate by Andrea L. Staum

Machination by S.O. Green

New Beginnings by Chris Bannor

One Dance by Benjamin Chandler

Piper by Laura Q. Jimenez

Relic by Daniel Simonson

Sterling Silver by R.L. Davennor

The Feathergate Hotel by Barend Nieuwstraten III

The Lightless World by Catherine Butzen

To Kill a Dragon by Lincoln Reed

The Girl with the Killer Curve by Lincoln Reed

The Machine by Douglas Allen Gohl

Dues ex Machina by Douglas Allen Gohl

Wolf shifters galore!

Devour these furry tales of romance, horror, and strife. Stories from the wild west to the big city will leave you begging for more.

Sharp as Serpents’ Teeth by D.R. Robichaud

Arcadia by Emily Stennard

Howler by S.O. Green

Sackcloth and Silver by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Sweet Revenge by R.S. Nevil

In this post-apocalyptic anthology, nothing matters except survival.

In a world full of humans pitted against each other, how can there be anyone left to trust?

Features sixteen stories of survivors tragically struggling to live in societies turned upside down. Even when the end arrives, life finds a way.

The Tales of MeMe #1 by Kortney Gallagher

Don’t Cough in Marsh Punk Territory by Stephen Scott Whitaker

Blood Daisies by Aaron P. Hansen

This Dead Town by Anastasia Arellano

A is for Ant by Robert Allen Lupton

Diluvium by Ryan Priest

Eve’s Apple by S.O. Green

Below by Peter VanGelderen

Blood and Light by Kris Ashton

Siesta Key by Wolfgang Potterhouse

King’s Note by Andrew Ronzino

The Raider by Jarrett Mazza

Singe by Barend Nieuwstraten III

A Little Less Conversation by H.R.R. Gorman

Have an Orange Day by Douglas Allen Gohl

Super Freek by Douglas Allen Gohl

Wise dragons, evil dragons, elemental dragons, oh my!

A new twist on fairytales with a fresh element: dragons.

Each fairytale has been reimagined with these beasts based on the author’s preference. These classic characters will never see this coming. Retellings include Swan Princess, Hansel and Gretel, Elves and the Shoemaker, Frog Prince, and many more.

Cinder and Ash by Ashley L. Hunt

Dragon Lake by R.L. Davennor

Forged in Flames by Anstice Brown

Dragon Girl by Denise Ruttan

Fate and Familiars by Lydia Anne Stevens

The Golden Arrow by Andrea J. Hargrove

The Dragon’s Heart by S.O. Green

Steelsilk by Kay Humble

Nansi and the Dragon by Damien Mckeating

The Claws of the Hunt by Nathan Slemp

Gingerbread and Ash by Nathan Slemp

In these eleven stories, women rule and worlds governed by men are a thing of the past. Whether righteous or downright sadistic, these authoritative female figures shape their worlds for better or worse despite the trials thrown their way.

Guardian of Avonthyme by Paulene Turner

The Moon’s Calligraphy by John Greville

The Allmother by Clint Foster

Queen Muirgheal’s Curse by Wondra Vanian

Wolves by Peter VanGelderen

The Poisoned Rose by Marcus Bines

The Stolen Queen by Simone Oldman Green (S.O. Green)

The Tower of Ithadir by Cassie Gessner

A Mother’s Love by McKenzie Richardson

The Wayfarer by Alanna Robertson-Webb

The Pain Game by Jarrett Mazza

Get into the Christmas spirit with this charity anthology featuring eight authors and their holiday tales of family misfits.

Happy Family by Vanessa Bane

Just Another Dead Dolly by Zoey Xolton

The Price by J.E. Feldman

Christmas Past by R.C. Capasso

Punch Drunk Love by Lincoln Reed

Fanning the Flames by Katie Jordan

Wildenklausen by Dirck de Lint

A Letter Best Unsent by N.M. Brown

Out of Print

In a world where so many dark things go bump in the night, terror awaits around every corner as these authors take horror stories to the next level. Discover ghosts, demons, and your worst nightmares. Read at your own risk.

Dark Secrets and Hidden Pasts by Hui Lang

The Cursed Mirror by Anna Sinjin

Once in a Lifetime by Simon Dillon

The Harrison Farm by A.M. Cummins

The Mark of the Spider by Hui Lang

Discover monstrous creatures, devilish kitsune masks, vicious literature characters come to life, and more stories to fuel your worst nightmares.

Solyn the Scavenger by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Giant Steps by Beth W. Patterson

The Four Butchers of Cawnpore by J. Woolston Carr

The Unwanted Man by Daryl Marcus

Just Retribution by David Allen Voyles

Kitsune by Joshua Bartolome

The Cell Block by Robert Prescott

Ink by Mike Lera

Witherwood Farm by Damien Mckeating

In a world where so many dark things go bump in the night, terror awaits around every corner as these authors take horror stories to the next level. Discover ghosts, demons, and your worst nightmares. Read at your own risk.

Baby Food by Warren Benedetto

Mister McKenzie by Jacob Steven Mohr

Dark Shadows by L.V. Gaudet

Toil and Trouble by Dylan Roche

Hatchling by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Solyn the Scavenger 2 by Barend Nieuwstraten III

Don’t Breathe His Name by Lincoln Reed

Beauty Kills by Victor Nandi

Out of Print

Everyone has had a first love. The one they had new experiences with and the one they can’t forget. Whether it be the boy next door, a loyal princess, or a supernatural being, all of these stories have two things in common: love at first sight and elements of fantasy.

Message in a Bottle by Meg Boepple

Chestnut Woman by Sofi Laporte

A Season’s Time by Kathryn St. John

Once in a Blue Moon by Zoey Xolton

Caught in a Glance by Melinda Kucsera

Twin Flames by A.R. Johnston

Paper Cut by Simon Dillon

Savage by A.M. Cummins

Of Seals and Storms by Edeline Wrigh

Lonely Oni by D.S. Durden

A Forbidden Union by A.D. Carter

The Rusalka of the Murashka by Galina Trefil

Out of Print

Nearly everyone has had a lost love. In other words, the one that got away either due to another person, drifting apart, death, etc. Whether it be the boy next door, a loyal princess, or a supernatural being, all of these stories have two things in common: loss and heartbreak.

Fiona by Alanna Robertson-Webb

The Gorge by Andrew Hayes Williams

Memoirs of a Mute by Dermott O’Malley

Back Door by Andrew Ronzino

Under a Full Earth by Anthony Regolino

Even in Death by Deidre Sequeira

A Vast Wet Ocean by Katherine Widick

Alone by Oliver Brady

Amy by James Stanton

Above by Emily Fluke

Would Suit Single Working Male by M.M. Lewis

The Paper Prince by Cassandra Solon Parry

Homosapien by Abigail Linhardt

Saving Kassandra by K.A. Masters

Undercurrents by Meg Boepple

Edelweiss by Nikkita Bell

A Thousand More by Stella B. James

The Dream by Rich Rurshell

Lost in Manhattan by Sofi Laporte

Polaris Star by Isabella Cheung

It is rare for soul mates to be discovered early on in life. These characters have begun creating their own fairytale happily ever afters. Whether it be the boy next door, a loyal princess, or a supernatural being, all of these stories have two things in common: everlasting love and loyalty.

The Mirror Man by Rosalyn Briar

Lulsey and the Ride at Midsummer’s End by Nancy Pica Renken

Call of the Sea by Meg Boepple

The Dreamers by Celena Janton

The Third Wish by Celena Janton

Wish I May, Wish I Might by D.R. Robichaud

An Angel’s Desire by Isabella Cheung

Poetry; a unique and beautiful way to express feelings and ideas. Weaving words into perfect poetic prose, these authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here!

Amy LedfordJ.E. FeldmanDatury Lily ★ Vanessa Bane ★ Sydnie BeaupréJennifer CarrJohn GrevilleL.T. AdamsS Jade Path

Poetry; a unique and beautiful way to express feelings and ideas. Weaving words into perfect poetic prose, these authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here!

Amy LedfordJ.E. FeldmanDatura Lily ★ Vanessa Bane ★ McKenzie RichardsonSydnie BeaupreGabriella Balcom ★ Vanessa Caraveo ★ Joshua E. Borgmann ★ Beth W. PattersonZoey XoltonJennifer Carr ★ Joshua Lupardus

Out of Print

Poetry; a unique and beautiful way to express feelings and ideas. Weaving words into perfect poetic prose, these authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here!

Clint FosterStacey Jaine McIntosh ★ Vanessa Bane ★ Zoey XoltonEmily Fluke ★ Robert Beveridge ★ D.S. Durden ★ Irene Ferraro-Sives ★ Scott J. Couturier ★ J.E. Feldman ★ Theresa Derwin ★ Rich Rurshell ★ Mark Kuglin ★ Amy Ledford ★ Joshua Lupardus ★ Stephen Herczeg ★ Ann Wycoff ★ Amber M. SimpsonDatura LilyL.L. NelsonBeth W. Patterson ★ Vanessa Caraveo ★ Caroline FurlongRhiannon BirdSinister Sweetheart ★ Susan York ★ Gabriella Balcom ★ Bobbi Sinha-Morey ★ C.L. Williams ★ Jennifer Carr

Out of Print

Poetry; a unique and beautiful way to express feelings and ideas. Weaving words into perfect poetic prose, these fifty authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here.

Zoey XoltonMelinda KucseraBeth W. PattersonSofi Laporte ★ Terry Miller ★ Debbie Manber KupferAditya Deshmukh ★ A.K. Hata ★ Patrick Winters ★ Vonnie Winslow Crist ★ Jayde Reider ★ L.L. Nelson ★ Ximena Escobar ★ C.A. MacKenzieStacey Jaine McIntosh ★ Cindy O’Quinn ★ Thomas Sturgeon Jr. ★ Maria Williams ★ M. Brandon Robbins ★ Vanessa Bane ★ Amy LedfordPamela Jeffs ★ C.L. Williams ★ Rowan ThaliaCharles ReisDatura Lily ★ Gareth Barsby ★ D.S. Durden ★ Matthew M. Montelione ★ Karen Jeffers-TracyGerry Sarnat ★ Galina Trefil ★ Gabriella Balcom ★ Irene Ferraro-Sives ★ Jennifer Carr ★ Shawn M. Klimek ★ Joshua Lupardus ★ Sydnie Beaupre ★ Jack Wolfe Frost ★ Aaron Channel ★ A.R. Johnston ★ John Grey ★ Sam M. Phillips ★ Rowanne S. Carberry ★ Joanne Van Leerdam ★ A.A. Rubin ★ Anthony Regolino ★ Nerisha Kemraj ★ J.E. FeldmanFanni Sütő

Out of Print

Dive into Sea of Secrets—a multi-genre anthology featuring creatures from the deepest depths of the ocean, lakes, and rivers alike. Here you will find tales of krakens, sirens, dragons, pirates, and witches.

There is something for everyone in this anthology ranging everywhere from romance, happily-ever-afters, young adults coming of age, but especially horror, chaos, and loss. Enter the deep at your own risk today.

The Eye of Hedad by A.M. Cummins

Beware of the Kraken by Melinda Kucsera

The Sea Witch’s Apprentice by Zoey Xolton

The Birth of the Dreamers by Kathryn St. John

The Dolphins and the Ditch by Sandra Desjardins

Jenaro and the Crimson Sails by Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Docile by Galina Trefil

Lorelei by Sofi Laporte

Lost at Sea by Archit R. Joshi

A Stirring of Sand and Dust by Jo Seysener

Daughter of the Sea King by Meg Boepple

Lost Legacies by V.P. Allasander

Angels of the Deep by Stephen Herczeg

Tears on the Water by A.R. Johnston

Rowan and Attina by Layne Calry

What Lies Below by Vonnie Winslow Crist

Seamouth by Aditya Deshmukh

Out of Print

Darkness. Despair. Death.

The repertoire of vampires and dragons precede them. Enter worlds blanketed in terror and turmoil with characters struggling for survival. Dragon shifters are hunted, truces are broken, families are slaughtered, and ritualistic sacrifices are common.

In the darkness, seeds of romance manage to blossom along with hope for better lives. Will any of them manage to survive?

The Hearth Dragon by Vonnie Winslow Crist

Heir of Rialtania by D.S. Durden

Talisman of Fire by Zoey Xolton

Tea with a Vampire by Sofi Laporte

The Blood and the Balaur by Galina Trefil

The Return of Dragons by Ximena Escobar

Of Blood and Fire by Stacey Jane McIntosh

The Gift by Abigail Linhardt

Frosted Blood by Cindar Harrell

Order of the Dragon Queen by Raven Corinn Carluk

Wryms of Barcelos by Stephen Herczeg

The Bucket List by Meghan Griffin

Soul Eater by RJ Atman

Requiem of Solitude by K.N. Nguyen

To Save a King by Bradley Gosselin

Ancient Justice by A.M. Cummins

What Price Peace by KT Morley

Instinct by J.E. Feldman

Battle of Plymouth by Charles Reis

Quitting Relentlessly by R.A.O. Laster

Blood Born by Kira Nyte

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