How to Begin and End a Chapter

Now that we’ve discussed the length of chapters, here’s some basic advice on how to begin and end those chapters.

Hook. From the moment your reader begins to read, they are expecting to be dragged into the world headfirst. In other words, they need something of interest to keep them reading. This happens on the first couple of pages. Whether it’s a question that has to be answered or an action scene, make it brief but do it well before diving into the story.

Line. The middle of the chapter.

Sinker. By this time, you have answered the question or come to a conclusion for the action from the first two pages. Now that you’ve given them some relief, you need to plant another hook to make it impossible to resist continuing on to the next chapter.

By using this process repeatedly throughout your books, you’ll ensure that your readers will be leaving reviews claiming to be “unable to put the book down.”

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