2022 Year in Review

To celebrate four years of Dragon Soul Press, we present the four best in each of the following categories: Author Interviews, Prolific Authors, Anthologies, Blog Posts, and the Editor’s Pick.

Top 4 Author Interviews

These are the most viewed author interviews for the year.

  1. Damascus Mincemeyer
  2. Isaac Marion
  3. J.C. Murray
  4. John Greville

Top 4 Prolific Authors

These authors have submitted and been accepted into the most DSP anthologies for the year.

  1. Barend Nieuwstraten III
  2. Jo Niederhoff
  3. Charles Kyffhausen
  4. Douglas Allen Gohl

Top 4 Anthologies

These anthologies were the most popular among readers during the year.

  1. Haunt
  2. Beautiful Darkness: Vol One
  3. History
  4. Surge

Top 4 Blog Posts

These are the most viewed blog posts for the year.

  1. 4 Online Word Count Trackers
  2. How to Write Side Characters
  3. Do’s and Don’ts of World-building
  4. Signs You Should Delete a Character

Editor’s Pick

These are the stories that resonated the most with the editor during the year. Titles are in order of publication.

  1. Rogue Tales‘s Cinder Ellah by Deborah Brown
  2. Surge‘s Leviathan, Inc. by Joseph Sidari
  3. Beyond Atlantis‘s The King’s Anchor by Ella Rose
  4. Chance on Love‘s Your Brain for My Lips by Katie Kent

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