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Have you been keeping tabs on Dragon Soul Press?

The cover reveal for Abigail Linhardt’s novel Revary was a few days ago and we are excited to announce she has more books coming! Revary will be available for preorder soon and is publishing on January 19th. The book summary is below.

Clare is a conflicted high school senior who escapes her life through daydreams and her live-action role-playing campaign called Sun Age. With adulthood just around the corner, Clare doesn’t know what to do and hopes life will hand her a future. But her lack of hope could have a more devastating effect than she knows on her world and other worlds outside of her own.

While out in the park during her campaign in full medieval ranger costume, Clare wishes more than ever that she could have the power to understand her future and accidently falls into a magical world called Revary. It is being destroyed from the inside out by a mysterious corruption and decay that dements the people and causes their world to vanish and rot.

Clare learns that only a person from her world, Earth, can save the strange world by using her imagination and fulfilling plans for a brighter future—creating Revary through hope and dreams. Realizing she must name her own future to save them, Clare takes up the task of traveling back and forth between worlds to save the magic.

Encountering everything from orcish centaurs and black witches to jewel-seeking sky pirates and obnoxious oracles, Clare and her friends use fantasy-gaming knowledge to save Earth and Revary, realizing they are all a part of a single story within a story.

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Spectre of Springwell ForestSimon Dillon’s horror novel Spectre of Springwell Forest is available now in ebook and paperback! It’s a perfect spine-tingling read for this holiday season, but you’ll be sleeping with the lights on afterwards. You have been warned. Enjoy the book summary below.

Lily Henderson has a horrifying secret buried far in her past. She hoped it would never be revealed. Now she has no choice. 

To save her family, Lily must keep them from returning to the village of Springwell, where she lived with her first husband and young daughter decades previously. In the past, after moving to Springwell, Lily encounters secretive locals, government scientists, and rumours of a ghost haunting the forest.

Are they linked to the mysterious deaths of local children? Do paintings by a local artist predict when tragic events are getting closer?

Will Lily’s daughter be next?

Two were taken. More will follow.


Keep an eye on each author’s personal page here on the DSP website for more news on their upcoming projects!