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Jade Feldman

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Remy Thomas

Remy Thomas has been writing and editing professionally for five years (though he’s been writing much longer than that). He has his Bachelor’s in English with an emphasis on creative writing, and he’s recently returned to university to get a Master’s in English emphasis education. In his writing and editing career, he has worked with an agent and worked in both the large, international publishing world and the small, indie publishing world as well as ventured into self-publishing.
Remy writes fantasy (of varying genres), science fiction, and horror, but he loves to read a wide array of fiction, and the more unique and diverse the cast and plot, the better. Reading and writing have been a lifelong passion, and he will treat your manuscript with the same love and care with which he treats his own.


Bree Vanderland

Bree Vanderland is a lover of all things books. After falling ill, someone encouraged her to pursue her dreams and publish her first book. Since then, she has not only accomplished her dreams, she’s set new goals and is determined to help others make their dreams come true.


Sydnie Beaupré

Sydnie Beaupré lives in her own imagination; a post-apocalyptic, zombie-inhabited world, where magical creatures and supernatural occurrences are simply the mundane. Outside of that, Sydnie can be found in Montreal, Quebec, where she was born and raised. When she’s not writing you can find her reading, playing the violin, singing, or spending time with her amazing friends and crazy family.


Chelsea Moye

Chelsea Moye is a lifelong bibliophile who loves seeing authors break into today’s publishing world. She has a BS in English from Troy University, as well as a lifetime of experience with social media networking, reading, and correcting typos. She specializes in social media marketing and proofreading. She is a wife and work-from-home mom. She also has a habit of rescuing stray animals and hopes to found a rescue or animal sanctuary someday.


JD Durden

JD began his writing career on a farm in Florida where he learned the value of hard work, but had little creative outlets to direct his artistic talents. Through community-based forums and personal ventures, JD was able to build his own repertoire and cultivate a discerning eye for literary talent. JD is thrilled to be able to bring these skills to Dragon Soul Press, and hopes to help build a community of exceptional authors.


Trey McIntosh

He’s been a writer since the age of three. It took him ten years to realize his worth with the written word. T.D. McIntosh is a freelance writer, author, screenwriter, and script consultant who has worked on various projects for the past nine years. In recent months, he’s been doing work for the indie comic company “Noir Caesar” as well as working on his own things, which has brought him to the attention of Dragon Soul Press.