Review for DSP

Are you an avid reader always on the hunt for the next epic book? Look no further than this group.
Get PAID for your posted opinions and reviews.

Earn $5 for every book read and honestly reviewed on Amazon, Goodreads, and Facebook.

All participants will automatically be entered to win one paperback edition of the featured “Book of the Month” and a $10 Amazon Gift Card. (Total $45 value!)

How do you sign up? Within the Facebook group, each book will have its own post and file with all of the information: author, genre, page count, book summary, release date, book cover, status, etc. It is your job to read these over carefully to decide whether you are able to read and review within the allotted time before commenting to claim a file. A simple contract will be signed between both parties stating the payment will not be issued until after the reviews have been posted to the required locations by the two-week deadline.

The sign up form is located here.

If you do not receive a response within 48 hours after submitting Monday-Thursday, feel free to reach out with your information via email to If the form was submitted on Friday, please expect a response Monday or Tuesday the following week.

*All readers are given two weeks to review after receiving the file. You can only request one book at a time.*

Exception One: If you have claimed a book and are suddenly unable to complete it by the deadline, immediately contact one of the admins of this group and state the reasons behind it. There is a one-week window for this. Sometimes it’s possible for the deadline to be extended to cater to your situation. If the one-week window has passed without a viable excuse, the reader will be issued one warning. If another instance occurs, the reader will be removed from this group.

Exception Two: If you have started the book and realize it isn’t for you, contact an admin of the group within three days of receiving the file.



Please do not contact the authors directly for other books to review.

If you have any questions, message an admin of the Facebook group or email

Happy reading!