DSP Reader’s Choice


*Please read carefully.*

Dragon Soul Press proudly presents the DSP Reader’s Choice. What does that mean? For each anthology, readers will be able to vote for their Top Three favorite stories. At the end of the year, all of the chosen stories will be compiled into a single volume available in ebook and paperback at major retailers. The goal is to give readers a variety of excellent stories from the year and introduce them to new authors.

What about the other books? We’re glad you asked!

A similar version of voting will happen for the books published during the year. The difference is only one will be chosen and the first chapter will be included alongside the anthology short stories.

All of the authors will have a brief introduction within the volume and be given the option to be interviewed for the DSP blog.

When will voting begin?

When the voting becomes available, each form will be listed on this page for easy access. Expect to see the voting for the novels appear each January. Voting for the anthologies will be available the day of release.

There will be thirty (30) days of voting before the polls close.


DSP Reader's Choice


2019 Results

First Love – Authors Simon Dillon and Meg Boepple.
Sea of Secrets – Authors Stephen Herczeg and Jo Seysener.
Coffins & Dragons – Authors R.J. Atman, Kira Nyte, and Sofi Laporte.

2020 Results

Lost Love – Voting begins March 1st.