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These are the Anthologies compiled and published by Dragon Soul Press.

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  • Coming Soon
  • Lurking in watery depths are untold discoveries waiting to be uncovered. Where monsters as old as time enjoy their freedom and wreak havoc on the occasional trespassers.
    Times are changing. The beings encroaching on their territory are more powerful and cunning as the years pass. If something isn’t done, creatures of lore will pass into history forever. But among the monsters, who will lead them to victory?
  • Featuring A.M. Cummins, Melinda Kucsera, Zoey Xolton, Kathryn St. John, Winter Lawrence, Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Stephen Herczeg, Galina Trefil, A.R. Johnston, Sofi Laporte, Aniket R. Joshi, Jo Seysener, V.P. Allasander, Layne Calry, Meg Boepple.