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#1: Passion x Habit: This is where we go over how to keep the passion alive. The students will learn to love what they do, to believe in themselves, and to endure rejection and get right back up on the horse!

#2: Raw Ideas: We’ll touch on examples of raw ideas, discuss where great ideas comes from, learn to try different approaches, ram home to write all their ideas down, and ask a vital question: “Is it a book yet?”

#3: The Plot: Lesson three is where we touch on condensing the plot, how to properly raise the stakes, create conflict along with worthy opponents to stir the pot, build in surprises, and understand an old adage that rings true today: “Less is more.”

#4: Research: Here we’ll try and seek inspiration, discuss how to build credibility, learn to know your locations, conduct character interviews and know your vocations. They’ll also learn to not be a know-it-all and that there are no excuses.

#5: Outlining: Students will learn what their outline needs, how to focus on the story, they’ll begin to sketch their outline, go over how to add more suspense and try a character-focused approach. They’ll edit their little hearts out at this step, and they’ll be thorough. At the end, they’ll troubleshoot their outline, step back and start writing.

#6: Writer’s Block: I know a lot of students will love to hear what I’ve got for this lesson. We’ll learn to freight train through the block, how to stay focused, to take a break, take themselves as well as their work seriously, and to practice, practice, practice.

#7: Creating Characters: They’ll learn to ask who’s their character, what makes them tick? We’ll touch on making complex heroes and villains, making important secondary characters, and to create reader intimacy.

#8: First Lines: We’ll discuss our favorite first lines, how to keep pulling the reader in, getting the reader invested, invoking the reader quickly, and they’ll see that there’s nothing wrong with rewriting.

#9: Writing Dialogue: We’ll look at examples of great dialogue, learn how to heighten reality, how to reveal characters through dialogue, and to do exposition the right way. We’ll touch on compressing time and how to move the story forward.

#10: Building a chapter: This lesson will see the students choose a view point in their story, we’ll see an example of a great chapter, they’ll learn to be in the scene, find a voice, and to give the reader questions.

#11: Genre Writing: This lesson will be dire to learn. Students will come to know their genre, how to intrigue their readers, how to keep raising the stakes and keep the reader guessing, and how not to reveal too much too soon.

#12: Ending the Book: Lesson twelve should be the last lesson. It’ll touch on what the ending needs, how to plant seeds along the way, not to shy away from ambiguity, teach the students to think of alternate endings, challenge them to analyze their favorites, and discuss the secret to great endings.

#13: Editing: We’ll touch again on moving the story forward, how to remove distractions, edit dialogue again, keeping the pages turning, and how to stay positive during the edit.

#14: Working with Co-Authors: This is an important lesson. Students will learn how to find a great co-author, when to begin the collaboration, making sure they know your voice, how communication is key, and to encourage and coach them. They’ll put them in the scene, and students will see how to make it a true collaboration.

#15: Getting Published: Probably the biggest lesson yet. It’s also the final lesson. We’ll discuss on how to find the right agent, how to send query letters, remind ourselves not to give up, and to enjoy the victories. We’ll also touch on branding, creating taglines, advertising, using social media, and to push your publisher.



Do I need to take the entire course? What if I only need help in certain areas?

  • You can pick and choose from the lessons listed.

How much would it cost to pick and choose?

  • Separate, each lesson is $50. This excludes tax and PayPal fees.

How much is the entire course?

  • For all of the lessons, it is $150. This excludes tax and PayPal fees.