Author V.P. Allasander

logo (1)          V.P. Allasander is an entrepreneur at Urna Creative, a creative content studio, where he edits other people’s manuscripts and is also a ghostwriter. When he is not managing this business, he writes, a hell damn lot. His preferred genre of choice is speculative fiction, preferably fantasy and horror. His stories are usually dark and tragic (he loves to kill his characters, especially when his fans love them). He also loves to read and organizes book clubs in the city he lives in — Mumbai, India.
          He also helps out at local literature festivals and loves to keep abreast of the new book launches. He is an ambivert, which means his interaction with people can be high or low, depending on his mood. Oh, he is also a TV show addict, and you can find him binging on Amazon prime and Netflix. But, no matter, what he’s busy with, he’s always accessible to his readers — or any readers. He loves talking with them, so if you need a heart-to-heart talk about books, tv shows, and fictional characters, you may contact him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Coming soon from this author through Dragon Soul Press.