Author P.D. Dennison

PD Dennison Website LogoP.D. Dennison is a writer from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He spent years working in marketing and promotions for major fast food companies and local businesses. Before that he was a fine dining chef working in the best restaurants and hotels the little city of Regina has to offer. He enjoys hiking in the hills of the Qu’Appelle Valley with his wife Jackie and their two dogs Flash and Ruby. He is an avid outdoorsmen and also enjoys fishing, camping, archery, snow shoeing, barbequing and gardening. He is a lifelong lover of epic fantasy and high adventure. As a child he spent thousands of hours playing role playing games. He is also a huge fan of comic books and has quite a collection of comics and collectables. He loves sci-fi and horror movies. He hates black licorice, turnips and liver especially together.

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