Author D.S. Durden

DSD_logo_noshine3IT tech support analyst by day, graphic artist by night, writer whenever the words can exit his head. D.S. Durden is a man of many trades, opting to refer to himself as a “creator” given the nature of his talents.

D.S. Durden grew up in the rural parts of Florida amidst cattle and rarely left the nest. With a lot of time spent in his own head, he created worlds and all the many people and creatures who inhabit it. He takes pride in the fact that the majority of his characters are connected in some way or another and is an obsessive planner. World building is his specialty and his genre is predominantly Sci-Fantasy with a twist of Existential Horror.

D.S. Durden has several short stories published and is a State Championship winner for 3D Animation, but has since moved his focus to writing and graphic design.

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Coming soon from this author through Dragon Soul Press.