Author Kelli Pizarro

authorlogoKelli Pizarro was born and raised in East Texas. Her earliest childhood memories include those of fishing with her father, and her mother purchasing vintage readers from antique stores to read to her at night. When her older brother left home to begin his life as an adult, Kelli was five years old. She filled her quiet days with reading her Bible and climbing her favorite tree.

At eight years old, her brother heard her mention a diary she’d seen at a book fair. He insisted on buying it, and thus began her love of writing. She filled that diary and others, journaling regularly well into her teen years.

In her late twenties, she was diagnosed with two forms of invasive breast cancer. After undergoing treatments and surgery, her perspective on life shifted, and she began doing what she’d always wanted but had never made time for: writing a novel.

She is now working on her sixth book, enjoys homeschooling her three beautiful children, and has a loving husband who supports her in every area of her life.

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