Author Galina Trefil

Author Logo DSPGalina Trefil is a novelist specializing in women’s minority and disabled rights. She has spoken before the Nevada State Legislature, been interviewed on BBC radio, and was featured in the 2019 Romnja Power Calendar (as July) for her Romani activism. Her articles and short stories have appeared in Neurology Now, UnBound Emagazine, The Guardian, Tikkun, Romea.CZ, Jewcy, Jewrotica, Telegram Magazine, Ink Drift Magazine, The Dissident Voice, Black Fox Literary Magazine, Open Road Review, and the anthologies Flock: The Journey, First Love, Sea of Secrets, Organic Ink: Volume One, and Suspense Unimagined. More of her short stories will be appearing in several more anthologies in the coming year. Recently, she signed contracts for two books of her own with Dragon Soul Press. Her intention is to submit several more books for publication over the course of the next six months.

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