Author Clint Foster

Clint Foster DSP Website LogoClint Foster has had short stories published in MOVE magazine, a novel published on Amazon, and a microfiction in the anthology Apocalypse by Black Hare Press.

He lives in southern Iowa with his four cats, basset hound, and wonderful wife. As a substitute teacher and part-time varsity coach, he uses what downtime he can find to scrawl out poetry and story ideas in a tiny blue notebook that is just about filled up.

He has been interested in writing for some time, and is always one to get sucked in by a good story, whether or not he is the one telling it.

In addition to his first novel, Pawns of the Shadow, Clint Foster has published dozens of short stories across several publishers such as Dragon Soul Press, Black Hare Press, Cloaked Press LLC, Electric Spec Magazine, the Horror Tree Blog, and more.

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Artist Version

An epic poem of legendary dwarven adventures.